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  1. Ahhhhhhhh… the benefit of a ridiculously long day at work was the ability to check and find this lovely and delicious gift of an update before I logged off. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  2. Beautiful story. I did not expect his last request, but it was quite fitting.

    To quote one of my favorite movies, “Isn’t it romantic? It’s a perfect ending.” – Sophie

    “No. It’s a perfect beginning.” – Dowager Empress Marie (Anastasia)

    • I haven’t seen Anastasia, but it sounds like something I’d enjoy! I love the quote. Thank you for the kind words, Hampton.

  3. ADORED this chapter. What a creative way to figure out their future. Didn’t see it coming, as Darcy is always so tied to the duty of Pemberley. However a part of me wishes to see that their son will inherit it and that Darcy hasn’t cut off all ties to his legacy there.
    The artwork in this chapter is stunning. Really captured the romance.

    • Ohhh, I do like that Darcy and Elizabeth are beginning their happily ever after. However, I must admit that I would have liked to see a bit more groveling, and a bit more repentance from Darcy! He still seems to quite easily blame Lady Catherine for his own mistakes. I do wish that he would take a bit more accountability. I love that he’s willing to give up his last request and Pemberley for Elizabeth, but at the same time I’m kind of side-eyeing him for forcing himself on her. Not so very gentlemanly of him to do that before knowing if she wanted him. Yet I love a persistent Darcy who does anything to be in Elizabeth’s presence so I also kind of like it LOL. I think I would have been more satisfied to see Elizabeth not immediately accepting him romantically, but that might just be me being a sucker for increased Darcy angst and a reversal of situations where the rejecter becomes the rejected. Maybe I’m too mean LOL. But I have to say, Elizabeth does a LOT for Darcy in this story, and her love for him really shows, while I’m kind of missing what Darcy does for her. He made his third request and refused to lose his memories or leave her fighting alone, and those were all great moments, but Elizabeth did so much for him that his displays kind of pale in comparison, which is a shame because he was the one who needed to prove his love for her and not the other way around. I think I just want more of this story, and am sorry to see it ending so soon!

      • Hi Winnie, thank you very much for your feedback. You make several valid points. With 6 different people writing, sometimes some of the details can be lost along the way. I certainly agree that Darcy should grovel. 😉 And your point about Elizabeth not accepting him immediately makes sense. It is something I think we can address when we revise the novel for publication. It’s good that you brought it up.

    • I agree about the artwork, SamH. It’s been put together by the talented Rebecca Young. And I’m so happy to hear you adored it. 🙂

    • I agree about the artwork, SamH. It’s been put together by the talented Rebecca Young. And I’m so happy to hear you adored it. 🙂

  4. Wow! I certainly didn’t see that coming! 😱 I was certain he’d request that she leave the library and marry him. But now I’ve read this it is totally logical, he certainly doesn’t enjoy being in society especially without Elizabeth, he’s not even happy at Pemberley without her so it’s the perfect solution ❤️❤️❤️. I assume that when/if they have children one of them could inherit the estate? I absolutely loved this chapter, thank you so, so much 🥰🥰🥰 I’m definitely looking forward to the finale 😍💘❤️

    • I know you like your happy endings, Glynis, and I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the ending. Yes, there’s one more chapter left.

  5. Yes! Brilliant way to end my afternoon. I knew you couldn’t be so talented for nothing! Loved it! Thank you for a wonderful story and hopefully we’ll see another one in the future.

    • Hehehe! Do I hear echoes of Mrs. Bennet in here somewhere? Thank you, Laura. Remember there is still one chapter coming up.

      • What a creative turn!! As others have said, took me by surprise. There is no hint there is a position called curator, so it really is out of the blue. Nice resolution. Very satisfying. Well done.

        Now, what kind of ceremony will allow their future children to be legitimate heirs of Pemberley, but still qualify as not marrying outside the library? [She may be retired, but you can’t take the law out of the girl].

        • LOL! A lawyer wants to know the legalities of the fae/mortal/Library agreement! Hehehe! Loved that! We will have to advise Darcy and Elizabeth to get a watertight agreement… Another quest in the making to the cave, maybe?

  6. what an amazing story!! I love the mafic, the intrigue, the learning curve of all characters!

    I knew Darcy’s last request would be an attempt to bring him close to Lizzy, but hadn’t guessed the brilliant solution found. Kudos to the authors (and Hespera and Abraxas!). The library can only benefit from having their magic joined – after all, they were able to defeat Princess and the patronesses, and fix the wall between the two worlds.

    Now… Pemberley is so big and, we know, has a wonderful library, which is the work of generations… why can’t the library be placed there? :~)

    Many thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  7. We’ve really enjoyed the process of writing the story together! Many thanks to you and other readers for encouraging us to keep going! Of course Hespera and Abraxas deserve a lot of the credit, as you say!!

  8. Wow. I had a big smile thinking that they are finally going to get a chance to be together and work along side each other. Then I realized this is a story and there is always the chance there is a gotcha hidden in the fine print — after all it is the Library.

  9. Thank you so much, all of you. I really enjoyed this book. Great job. I was so happy, and knew there would be a way for them to be together and Elizabeth to have the Library. Nice twist that their familiars and the library, helped them be together, and the library benefits as well.

  10. I am absolutely and completelky in love with this chapter. This is perfect. Are there still all the loose ends to tie up like the wall to faerie and all that, along with those who were denied familiars by Lady Catherine. I still have these questions rolling around in my head.

  11. This was lovely! An unique solution. It would be interesting to see a post story Q&A with the authors to hear how the story was sorted, what discoveries, surprises, road blocks, creative outcomes, etc that were a product of collaborating with so many authors.

    • I was just wondering much the same. Did these creative authors barn-storm ideas before they wrote their individual chapters? It would seem they’d have to in order to keep some type of continuity to the tale and the magic they created.

      • Good question, Caroline. We’re talking about setting up some kind of Q&A session. I think it would be great to discuss our process with our readers.

  12. A unique solution indeed. Neither actually has to give up the “outside” world–not when all of those doors to open into the various “worlds” beyond those doors. Very unique and very clever.

  13. I’m glad you think it’s clever! I must admit I think it’s a perfect solution. 😉 I wouldn’t mind living in that Library myself!

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