Mr. Darcy and the Enchanted Library- Chapter 24 — 30 Comments

  1. You tease! oh how you tease!!

    Are we supposed to be thinking about the man in the hat? Because I have a bad feeling about him. Or was that a tease too?

    • Yes Darcy. Now is the time you could finally redeem yourself. Ask for Elizabeth!!! Beg for her!!! And while you’re at it, don’t be like Anne Elliot in Persuasion — actually express your regret for breaking the engagement and take some accountability! I would be so happy if his request involves a large sacrifice like giving up his familiar. Not that I want it to actually happen exactly, because Darcy with a griffin is cool, but the fact that he would be willing to give up everything for Elizabeth would be quite romantic if I do say so myself 😁 I would hate for Elizabeth to have to bear the burden AGAIN by having to cut herself entirely from the library (even though there were hints of the library being a little icky, I still have hope that it’s mostly good…). Fingers crossed that Elizabeth won’t let Darcy back so easily, and even after they get together he still has to work to keep her. I love to read a good groveling hero 😅

      • Aha. I like the way you’re thinking, Moonlight. [lovely avatar name, BTW]. Hmmm. We’ll have to wait and see what next week brings… 🙂

  2. I had to reread that last bit half a dozen times to know that you had actually left it there!! 😱😱😱 A week? A whole week? This is torture on a grand scale! 😢😢😢.
    Yes I know that Galon will survive as a human while Georgiana lives so that is good but what about Darcy and Elizabeth? A WEEK? I have to wait a week? I’ve said before that at my age I can’t afford to wish my life away but………….
    I can’t imagine what Darcy’s request will be? This is why I’m not a writer I suppose…… a whole week! 😱😳🥰🥰🥰

    • So sorry, Glynis!!! I know this is very hard. But it’s nice to have some anticipation, too. 😉 A week will pass quickly, and you will have your answer. 😀

  3. This is when a story published weekly is painful! Now we know what Charles Dickens’s readers felt when he published his books in serial format! I’m all for experiencing the 19th century as much as possible. I eagerly await next Wednesday!

  4. Oh! You stopped there?? How dreadful for us readers! GAH!

    I had a feeling Darcy would ask for this but what will he be asked to give up to be with Elizabeth? Something magical, I’m sure. His griffin? Elizabeth will surely give up the library. In any case, I’m desperate for next week’s installment!

    This magical round Robin has been a joy to read. Thank you to the wonderful authors!

  5. Oh my word. Now we will be dying until Wednesday. Aaargh. She would give up the Library…will he lose Pemberley or his magic? They have already lost so much due to the viciousness of Lady C. 😔

  6. This makes me wonder….did you and the other authors discuss the outline of the story ahead of time, or is each new chapter a surprise to those who didn’t write it? Your cliffhanger is much more devious if the next author was unaware of your plans and now has to invent Darcy’s third request.

    • A really good question, Scarlet. We had a lot of discussions, and we had a general outline, but creative writers can be — let’s say — creative! So there were always elements that took us by surprise, and sometimes some of us had to scramble at an unexpected direction someone took. That’s been part of the fun of writing this — that element of challenge. In this case, I wrote both chapters. 😉

  7. I agree, a week….I am in need of knowing. This is such a great story. All of you, authors, have done a great job.
    Now I must be patient. Will the older man be the one who takes over for Elizabeth. Or there is some way that she can stay and be with Darcy…..I have to wait….

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