Mr. Darcy and the Enchanted Library, Chapter 10 — 22 Comments

  1. Oh Heavens! What next? I’m only sorry the dragon didn’t land on Bickerstaffe and obliterate him! He obviously wasn’t helping with the removal of the rocks so maybe he has no magic? I can’t believe Darcy keeps him around, I can only assume he’s forced to but hopefully that will end when ODC finally marry?
    No mention of Georgiana so I do hope the Colonel is keeping her safe and that Wickham is still trapped?
    Can’t wait for next week.

    • Yeah, poor Darcy is basically stuck with Bickerstaffe! Wouldn’t that have been fun, hearing his whining about being stuck under a dragon. Maybe he could be mistaken for a sheep!

  2. I loved the two of them working magic together. It’s interesting that Elizabeth can’t feel Bickerstaffe’s magic. Does he have no magic at all, or is he not willing to use it together with them? And why does Darcy not feel that Bickerstaffe’s magic isn’t there where it should be, aligned with their efforts?
    What a slimy character this “mentor” is. is. But the hermit is so cute. And oh, a dragon! Even he is rubbing it in their faces that they should/might be married…
    Sheep. An excellent gift of the local flare in Derbyshire. Are they in need of sheep??? I’d love it if they found a use for it!

    • I really enjoyed having them work together to solve a problem!
      And hmm, well, Bickerstaffe certainly thought the job was beneath him . . . so did he make any effort?
      Yes, sheep are always a welcome gift in Derbyshire, don’t you think?

  3. I am so loving these characters!! The hermit & the dragon. I agree with one of the other posters that it was bummer that the dragon didn’t land on Bickerstaffe even if it was just a little tap – hahaha.

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