Mr. Darcy and the Enchanted Library, Chapter 12 — 28 Comments

  1. Oh wow! All the different scenarios in my head regarding what truly happened and I never anticipated it was that! Well done!!! And now I think Lady C did tamper with Elizabeth’s testing, but I still don’t get why she can’t tap fully in to her own magic, even after all this time and her work with the Library? Could it be because she doubts herself?
    The imagery at the river is beautiful.

    • Thank you! I loved writing the river. And it was a pleasure to get some of the secrets of the past out. Elizabeth has the ability to tap into her own magic, but the problem is that she’s never really praciticed using it because it was always easier to tap into the deeper well of the Library. This journey is forcing her to learn to rely on her own resources and to learn how powerful her own magic is.

  2. Oh my! Well at least Elizabeth and Darcy both now know they still love each other and that Lady Catherine was somehow responsible for their separation. I suspect she’s also responsible for the trials they have so far endured and possibly even Wickham’s actions.
    I hope ODC can work together still to solve the problems in Faerie, find the antidote for Georgiana and the way out! So exciting! 🥰🥰

    • I’m just glad the fae have forced Darcy to speak, since ODC was showing signs of being unable to open their mouths and get the words out on their own! Lady Catherine has a great deal to answer for.

  3. Oh my, indeed! What a wonderful way for them to clear up all their misunderstandings (in not only this tale, but all the others already written)! All they needed was a visit to the Fae. These confessions/truths they were forced to admit will go a long way to uniting them in the end—at least I hope so.

  4. Lady Catherine is so evil. I want to see her exposed for her cruelty and lies. Darcy should have found a better way to avoid the betrothal to Anne…his family was wrong to act as they did. He absolutely should have warned Elizabeth and he was a fool to think Lady Catherine would fairly judge any woman taking the test to become his wife and take “Anne’s rightful place”. I’m so happy the Fae made them confess their truths to each other. I can’t wait to see what happens next. ❤️🥰❤️

  5. Oh wow. They finally talked… well, voiced their truths in front of each other, but didn’t actually communicate which is another step they have to make. So Lady Catherine actually tampered with Elizabeth’s test? Did she know it all along? And Darcy still doesn’t believe that…
    They are rather handicapped in communicating with the Fae – one needs to be really sharp to ask questions that are difficult to evade. I look forward to their continuing journey!

  6. Loved that they both had to spill the beans for their truths and hopefully this will be the start to keep communication open between them. I now think that if their other traveling partner had been there what his truths would have been including what his true mission is – more to ponder. Thank you for another great chapter

    • Thank you! The artwork is by my daughter, Rebecca Young, using the AI image generator Midjourney. It’s been just amazing to have some pictures that match our story, rather than hunting things down on stock photo sites. She’s looking forward to branching out into illustrating other stories, too.

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