Mr. Darcy and the Enchanted Library, Chapter 14 — 16 Comments

  1. A day early!!! Yay! Wonder if that means we gat a double this week – or is that just wishful thinking…
    And the beginning of healing starts. It will be good for the rest of their challenge to have all that cleared. And love will continue to grow. Lady C is a B–witch!
    Any idea yet on how many more chapters we have to look forward to?

    • No, I didn’t even realize it was published, lol. Way to pay attention, Melanie. I unpublished it, so you two just got lucky! It’s definitely the beginning of healing hearts. Elizabeth has Lady C’s number, but will Darcy ever really believe it?

      Not sure about the chapter numbers, but I’m pretty sure there will be a handful more at least.

  2. As I read this chapter, I was wondering if D&E came to an agreement that that would be the cure for Georgiana. By coming to an agreement it would defeat Lady C’s evil plot which could possibly release the curse placed on Georgiana. Wickham is Lady C’s minion and thus would also be vanquished.

    • He probably won’t entirely forgive himself until they find a way to be together–and who knows how long THAT will take??? Lol. Poor brooding Darcy. At least he got to help them find their way this time so he feels like he was useful!

  3. I’ve re subscribed to this. I got your original post yesterday but it wouldn’t open because you had unpublished it! However I didn’t get the new one today so opened this from FB. Hopefully things will be back to normal next week 🤞🏻🤞🏻.
    I loved Elizabeth’s theory re Lady Catherine, hopefully Darcy will realise the truth that she’s the most likely culprit (and is responsible for his being accompanied by Bickerstaffe!) I’m hoping something awful has happened to him while they are in Faerie!
    I’m happy that Elizabeth has forgiven Darcy but will be even happier if they get back together.

    • Arg! It was supposed to be saved as a draft! I didn’t even realize I’d done it until it was pointed out to me that there were already two comments. I’m not usually tech-dopey, but…

      Getting back together might take a bit more (wait for it)…magic?

  4. I am glad they are communicating. He needs to realize how evil Lady C is and how she will apparently stop at nothing to have her way. He absolutely should have stood up for his love and demanded another test. I hope they prove that Lady C cheated and she loses all her status and power. She stole 5 years of happiness, broke their hearts and destroyed Elizabeth’s life and reputation and she should pay a penalty by losing what she loves most. Having money and power doesn’t stop evil people from always wanting more of it sadly. I’m sure she’s behind/paying for Bickerstaffe who’s her spy.

  5. I’m loving this story because Darcy and Elizabeth are working as a team to fight the power of evil. And, at last they are communicating. Still hoping, however, that Galon does not have to give up his skin. Whew–so much to look forward to in this wonderful story!

    • At least Darcy’s been forgiven–that’s a burden lifted. But he still doesn’t want to believe that his aunt would do what Elizabeth suggests. So there’s progress…and not progress. Lol. Very much ODC, right?

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