Mr. Darcy and the Enchanted Library, Chapter 15 — 16 Comments

    • I’m a little late to the party here.. I saw AR’s post in another forum.. P&P and Magic – it’s an irresistible combination.. Needless to say, I was lured in by the Siren’s call. One read of the first chapter and I was caught, hook, line and sinker. I simply HAD to read all the other chapters, pronto. Oh no, now I have to wait weekly… Patience while reading a book has never been my particular virtue. Love the way this story has progressed so far, with all the new characters too. Old Man Derwent gave me cheery Tom Bombadil vibes and I loved the twinkle in his eyes. I very much hope that G is only in limbo like sleeping beauty and not dead.For all her Darcy fighting spirit, she deserves more. I do hope Galon and the Colonel/General catch up with ODC and give Wickham, Lady CdB and Alaine their just comeuppance. And to see B kicked on the side as well. Loved the familiars with all their quirky traits, especially Maor. Keeping my fingers crossed as to when E will realise her full reason I love the Fantasy variations is that usually E is more powerful than D and is grossly underestimated by D. It is lovely when both of their powers come together – the true ‘power couple’, so to say. Eagerly awaiting ODC to reach that stage and see the fireworks!!!

  1. Oh no! Please don’t let Georgiana be dead 🙏. Please don’t let anything happen to Darcy and Elizabeth 🙏. Please don’t let Galon give his skin to Wickham 🙏. Please let Fitzwilliam persuade those in Faerie of Alaine’s disgusting actions and let her be punished along with Wickham. 🙏 I’m still convinced that it was Lady Catherine who affected Elizabeth’s bonding test so she needs to be punished appropriately as well 🙏. You know my love of happy endings (ok I love happy beginnings and happy middles as well 😉) but I’m still loving this 🥰🥰🥰

  2. Wow, there are cliffhangers and then there that! Life or death? Success or failure? So many threads twisted together! Rarely has waiting for the next post been so enchanting!

    • This definitely covered quite a bit of ground. A little BTS secret, this chapter and chapter 13 were originally one chapter, and then we decided to split them because so much was happening.

  3. This entire story is so enthralling that I read all 15 chapters in one day! I am eagerly awaiting the next installment! Thank you to each of the authors for giving your time and talents! As I read today, I was aware that a different person was writing ONLY because it was announced at the top of each chapter. That is an amazing achievement and shows your talents as well as the close working relationship that you all share.

    • Wow, Rebecca, that is such a huge compliment. It has been amazing working with so many other talented authors. I feel that our writing styles mesh well, and it is great that our readers think so too!

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