Mr. Darcy and the Enchanted Library, Chapter 17 — 20 Comments

  1. Exciting chapter, with a few answers, but you still leave us in suspense!!
    It amazes me time and again how stupid Lady C can be through her pride and sense of entitlement. Such an easy character to despise 😉

  2. OMG no! I have no idea what Elizabeth is planning but I hope against hope that it works! At least Darcy now knows the truth of Lady Catherine and Bickerstaffe, hopefully they and Alaine will receive their just rewards? Go Elizabeth! 🥰

  3. Wow this chapter has turned into a sort of cliffhanger. This great story is turning into an epic tale ….I can’t wait to see what comes of the awnsers needed so excited!!!

    • We had it sketched out, but writers tend to be creative 😀 so things are changing all the time. I had a feeling Victoria Kincaid would change things…

  4. Enquiring minds want to know now! Crazy authors! You might know there was still another baddie to fight. I can’t wait for Elizabeth and her idea. Fun chapter.

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