Mr. Darcy and the Enchanted Library, Chapter 22 — 15 Comments

  1. Awww, Elizabeth deserved better. From all of those around her. It seems there was no one in her life she can really count on to have *her* back

    • Yes, she does deserve better! It’s hard discovering that even Abraxas and the Library have their own agendas. But it puts her in a position of taking more control over her own life, too. And making choices for her own happiness. 🙂

  2. Let’s hope that Lady Catherine’s actions when Darcy and Elizabeth exited Faerie gave him a complete disgust of her, that way he’ll at least seek the reason for her death before blaming Elizabeth? That poor girl definitely deserves some happiness and as Darcy has now proved how strong his love for her is, they really need their happy ending (and I REALLY need to read about it). So let’s also hope the last few chapters concentrate on that 🤞🏻🙏🤞🏻🥰🥰🥰

  3. Will this take be published as a book? I really want to own it so I can reread it over and over! Y’all are doing a wonderful job melding together your different writing styles to make a coherent story.

  4. So beautiful! I never expected that! The grand Lady Catherine, somehow at Elizabeth’s mercy! The irony! If I was Elizabeth, I would have never killed her, especially after that woman made her choice! I would have exiled her, to be obliged to win her bread. It would have been much appropriate, more so because Lady Catherine would have hated it. I feel the punishment of death was too easy for her.
    Well, I hope Darcy will not blame her when he finds out. It would be stupid, especially after what *he did to her. It would mean he does not deserve her.
    I enjoyed this chapter! Thank you! I am (un)patiently waiting for the next!

    • Thank you, Alexandra! The fae emissary agrees with you, that it was more merciful than Lady Catherine deserves. I think Darcy will be able to see the truth, that his aunt committed crimes that caused many, many deaths, and Elizabeth had no choice.

  5. Thank you for another fantastic chapter. I like that Elizabeth gave Lady C a choice and it did not surprise me what she chose. By Elizabeth offering the choice hopefully this will ease the decision that Elizabeth had to give.

  6. Our poor girl. Heartsick, overwhelmed with trying to keep the world safe and now she’s had two even heavier burdens placed on her slender shoulders. The taking of a life even though Lady Catherine had earned it a thousand fold was a hard choice. Even worse was learning she had been used as bait and betrayed by the library in such a way to deliberately cause her more pain with Darcy. So very cruel. She has more than earned a chance at a happy life with her beloved.

    • She really is in a very hard place right now. The only good thing about it is that Abraxas now realizes just what a bad situation he and the Library have created. Maybe he’ll be motivated to do something about it.

  7. Lady Catherine was beyond cruel, but let’s be honest, it wasn’t her that single-handedly ruined Elizabeth’s chances to marry Darcy. That was all Darcy. Elizabeth needs to give him more credit on that end! I neeeeed some groveling on his part to be satisfied when they finally get together again! I almost wish that she could reject him so that he must try for a third chance with her lol.

    • You’re absolutely right, that Darcy didn’t have to listen to Lady Catherine. He has to bear some responsibility for it as well. But I think you’ll like the ending. I’ve seen the draft, and Monica Fairview has knocked it out of the park.

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