Mr. Darcy and the Enchanted Library, Chapter 4 — 20 Comments

  1. Another wonderful chapter. Some background info on ODC, but I wonder why Elizabeth’s magic was so dormant and why no one else could tell. I am glad we got to be with Georgiana. And we have a “smoking” gun. Plus a tip on Wickham’s tell. Looking forward to next week!

  2. I’m so loving the fact that Darcy and Elizabeth are seeking the cure together! Poor Georgiana has done all she can to help by giving information to Elizabeth, I do hope she finds it useful. I’m definitely looking forward to the next chapter. Thank you 🥰🥰

  3. Ahhh! So good! I hate having to wait a week for a new chapter. 😉 I need more backstory on ODC please. I love that Lizzy is in a position that equalizes her to (or even elevates her above) Darcy. This is kind of his “Hunsford moment.” The dynamic is different because he rejected her. Poor Lizzy! 💔

    • It’s sweet torture, isn’t it? We’re working really hard to get it written. And I agree, I’ve always enjoyed stories in which Darcy’s opinion of Elizabeth as beneath him gets turned topsy-turvy.

  4. Another great chapter for sure! Can’t wait for the next installment! Is the entire book going to be published once completed? Thank you all for your contributions!

    • Another great chapter coming next week! As for what we’ll do when it’s complete, we’re talking about what we want to do with it, but right now we’re mostly focused on getting it written and staying on schedule. Writing a story between six people is quite adventure enough for the moment! 🙂

  5. This is the reason I hate (well, love/hate) these serial stories. I must have the next chapter. I am ready to be lost in the journey but I have to wait and I’m feeling quite a bit like Lydia at the moment (stomps foot, pouts, hrumphs loudly…) LOL

    • Believe it or not, Stephanie, we are going through exactly the same thing. We have to wait for each author to finish their chapter so we can see what they’ve come up with and how it fits our general plan before the next person can start writing. It’s so much fun, though.

  6. What a wonderful chapter loaded with little tidbits and tells. This is a fantastic story. I am sure that Wickham will be waiting to do something to either get rid of Elizabeth or intensify Georgiana’s dreams. He is such a rotter, I would lose my standing as a lady if I called him what I truly think of him. Plus, I don’t think that the Good Lord would appreciate my using such foul language. Thank you for your talents ladies; I am always in awe when different writers can get together and write one cohesive story. Love you all.

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