Mr. Darcy and the Enchanted Library, Chapter 7 — 21 Comments

  1. So happy Elizabeth had her say. Did Darcy truly think his behavior towards her would have no consequences in her life when he walked away? Ugh!
    Oh my goodness, cut off from the Librarians, not good… I have a feeling tho – Team Work!!

  2. You’re just lucky that I have no rotten tomatoes handy! I do hope your bunker is deep underground for your own safety! OK, I admit that someone had to write the equivalent of the Hunsford moment. You obviously drew the short straw 😢
    How could Abraxas not warn Elizabeth about losing the book? 🤔 Darcy obviously needs to work very hard to win Elizabeth’s respect (he seems to still have her love even if she’s not prepared to admit it, either to him or to herself!)🥰 I do hope that between them they can defeat Wickham and his evil plans 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  3. I actually found it to be a great chapter! Now to add to the mystery of the blank pages makes me wonder if as the story progresses and Elizabeth grows that it will write itself new pages??? Now, the Patronesses I can tell are playing their own game and I hope that they get their just reward for playing with people’s lives. I am glad that Elizabeth told Darcy the truth so he would have to see that his actions caused hurt elsewhere and that he needs to see how his actions can & do affect those around him. Looking forward to more of the story.

  4. Great chapter! You know… i really want to know why Mr. Bennett refused to allow Lizzie her opportunity with the Patronesses (I always want to call them the Patronii 😂). Seems to me that there is more to that story as well. You really can’t just drop that little nugget in there without paying some attention to it! 😂😜 And I have to wonder if whatever that story is… is that perhaps more relevant than what it seems on the surface. It’s almost like the whole thing with Darcy is maybe some smoke and mirrors. Or perhaps it was fuel to the fire? Either way… I do think that the Patronii were/are dirty dealing there somewhere/somehow, and with many. I’m hoping that we will get a lovely confrontation with those wicked witches!🤣 And really, with that abysmal assortment of familiars, its no wonder she failed to call anything. (and seriously, i think Darcy deserved more of a tongue lashing than he got.)

    Interested to see how this plays out moving forward, with no direct library connection/magic.

    • Thank you, Zenna! I’m glad you’re picking up on those little nuggets. If you recall from a previous chapter, the familiar Mr. Bennet received from the Patronesses was a land eel. Darcy gets a griffin. Georgiana gets a selkie. Colonel Fitzwilliam gets… well, you’ll find out, but it’s pretty amazing. 😉 But there’s a huge discrepancy between the amazing magical creatures that go to the wealthy upper classes and what is offered to the gentry. So perhaps Mr. Bennet had some reason to think his daughters weren’t going to get a fair shake?

  5. HUNSFORSD! So sad. They love each other and now the book is blank. Is there nothing that can be done. Plus he said there was someone working against them. I would ask for an early post but…. Thanks for your chapter.

  6. Best Hunsford ever! Loved how Elizabeth made her points, even if Darcy hasn’t absorbed them yet. Looking forward to the filling of the blank pages as well. The Patronesses are sneaky and clearly have an agenda. Thank you for chapter 💕

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