Mr Darcy and the Enchanted Library, Chapter 9 — 29 Comments

  1. I wonder if being cut off from the Library Elizabeth, out of desperation, will end up taping into the magic she always felt within herself?!?
    Am loving the series, it is going to make an awesome book 😉

      • I would love an enchanted library like that, Wendy! But yes, it might be hard to understand what it wants you to do, sometimes.

    • Well, it’s her chance to discover what she’s capable of, certainly. I hope she does tap into it, but it remains to be seen. Thanks, Sam! I’m enjoying the chapters as they unfold, too.

  2. I can see why the Patronesses would be set up to keep track of mages to make none use their powers for evil. But I wonder if their use of their positions to keep people in their places was not part of their original mandate, just something they chose to do at some point in their history. I’d love for the Library to reveal their arrogance.

  3. I think having Bickerstaffe and his blind allegiance to ‘The Patronesses’ is more of a hindrance to their quest! Perhaps they could lose him somewhere among the Peaks?
    I wonder if the hermit is still there, somewhere behind all the rubble? Poor Darcy is living with the knowledge that his own actions destroyed his relationship with Elizabeth when he would do anything to win her back, and with his desperate fears for Georgiana! I do hope they have some better luck soon and that the Colonel still has Wickham subdued.

    • Bickerstaffe is a menace! And yes, it would be ideal to ‘lose’ him somewhere in the mists!!! 😉 You’re really asking a lot, Glynis! You want everyone to be happy right now! They’ll have to work a bit harder for it, I’m afraid. 🙂

      • Oh yes I know but one can but hope! 🙏. You know me and my dread of angst 😉 fortunately for you I think a lot of people love angst so much more 🤔. But at least you do feel for me 😉🥰🥰🥰

  4. I’m thinking that Elizabeth has to come to rely on herself and her powers. She seems to be unsure of her abilities since the Patronesses rejected her as did Darcy. They put doubt in her mind — I also think that was on purpose to keep him under their control (thus Bickerstaffe to report on all Darcy does).

    • I agree that she needs to overcome her doubts. I think you make an excellent point about Darcy. As long as he isn’t married, they can control him.

  5. Oh no a cliffie! Well the woman at the end did say that things had changed.But what now if they can’t find a cave? I wish those two could have a decent conversation and not be defensive. I suppose that won’t come for a while. I worry about Elizabeth not having access to the library. Great chapter and looking forward to next week. Thanks to all the authors.

    • Exactly, Jennifer. It’s the Year Without Summer and things are in flux, so there are bound to be unexpected events. I’m glad you’re enjoying this collective effort!!!

  6. Ooh this could be Elizabeth’s time to shine! Maybe she’s an elemental mage, but was never able to tap into her powers. I do wonder if she was too powerful for lower familiars to respond to her call, but would’ve been able to summon a higher familiar if they’d given her the option. It seems like they’re setting up certain women for failure. With Lady Catherine as a Patroness, I wouldn’t be surprised if she put a binding spell on Elizabeth, so Darcy couldn’t (really wouldn’t) marry her.

    • I love these possibilities, Hamptonator! I can’t say which ones we’re using, but you’re heading in the right direction!

  7. Thank you so much, Debra!! I’m happy you can relate to it. 🙂 I’ve been there, too. It’s so lovely! A good place for fairy tales and legends.

  8. I’m not sure how much I trust Bickerstaff especially as he works for the patroness’s who I’m sure set up Elizabeth to fail .

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