A Pride and Prejudice Fantasy

A Disguise of the Worst Sort: A Pride and Prejudice Fantasy by [Sarah Courtney]When Caroline Bingley finds a magical way to switch places with her, Elizabeth loses her name, her body, and even her betrothed in one fell swoop.

Darcy’s life should be perfect. He is to marry Miss Elizabeth Bennet on Christmas Eve. But ever since she arrived at Pemberley, it is almost as if she is another person. Wily rather than witty. Cloying rather than compassionate. Greedy rather than generous. How can the perfect woman he met in Hertfordshire suddenly remind him of Caroline Bingley?

Unable to speak of the curse, Elizabeth is growing desperate. As time before the wedding dwindles away, Elizabeth is beginning to realise how much she cares for Mr. Darcy—just as he is about to promise his love to another woman.

A Disguise of the Worst Sort is a short, sweet novel of about 56,000 words with just a hint of magic, loosely based on the fairy tale The Goose Girl.