Release Day! Mr. Darcy’s Enchanted Library is now available!!! — 27 Comments

  1. So excited that it is released!!! Ok, trope ideas (or more)…… Amnesia/Memory loss with mistaken identity due to accident ~ Glory

  2. I am really looking forward to reading this! As to tropes, how about Elizabeth is not a Bennet? Alternatively, there is always the classic, Forced Marriage Scenario.

  3. Oooh another magical round-robin variation? Hope so!
    I would like one where they go searching for Elizabeth, but no one knows she has magical potential and comes as a shock to everyone, except for one person. Perhaps Mrs. Bennet for a change up?

  4. I also like the round-robin approach. Maybe have Darcy be a member of the Far royalty, with Elizabeth having surprising and hidden magical abilities.

  5. How exciting!! I think a new trope that would be good would be a Forced Marriage Scenario. If we are keeping to magical ideas, maybe have Elizabeth and Darcy discover some magical element/artifact that helps bring them together.

  6. Must admit my favourite troupe is either Elizabeth not a Bennet, or Bad Jane.
    And if you can do this new story with a Fae twist… brilliant

  7. I’m looking forward to reading the finished product, having read the postings when the story was being written. As far as a trope that I enjoy would be Elizabeth as a secret heiress with multiple hidden magical abilities. Darcy feels an immediate attraction to her, but cannot understand why.

  8. Congratulations on the publication of Mr Darcy & the Enchanted Library! I think I would enjoy this story where the part of the setting is in the library. I would like to read a trope where Lizzy and Darcy falls in love quickly without the misunderstandings but their differing magical abilities compelled them to be separated until they can find a way to overcome this challenge.

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