Spellbound at Pemberley is here! — 17 Comments

  1. A new release by Abigail Reynolds is a drop everything and forget about sleeping event! Her Darcy and Elizabeth have the most incredible chemisty and I am there for it every time, and on repeat.

  2. That sounds great. I just started with reading magical versions and this one intrigues me, I definitely need to read your book ❤️

  3. This excerpt is wonderful. Elizabeth can bring him back with a kiss–so very perfect! I adore stories where they get together early and fight the forces of evil together. But I’m not so fond of much angst! Looking forward to reading this tale. I’m continually amazed by your talent.

  4. It is exciting to know there will be a new Abigail Reynolds book soon!
    When do you anticipate the other two books coming out, and would they all be considered standalone books? Or would we need to reread the previous ones?

  5. A book by Abigail Reynolds is sure to have an interesting story that is well written and edited. Congratulations on this new release. Sounds wonderful.

  6. Love this story. For first time in ages, I bought this ahead of it’s release. Congratulations on yet another successful release

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