Certain satirical spirits might say that next to having a  dragon accepted into the Blue Order, a Dragon Keeper likes to  be crossed a little in love now and then. It is something to think  on and gives her a perilous distinction among her companions.

 Elizabeth Bennet, Dragon Keeper, accidental guardian of  Pemberley the young firedrake, and even more accidentally  betrothed of one Fitzwilliam Darcy, would beg to disagree.  Banished from her home, her marriage indefinitely delayed,  and desperate to secure Pemberley’s future, Elizabeth must  tame a rogue dragon who is determined that she is the last  Dragon Keeper in the world whom he would ever accept.

Darcy cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look or the words, which upended every expectation he had for his future.  That is not to say this particular future with Elizabeth is unwelcome. But he never expected for that future to be stayed whilst he was called so very far away from her, caught in the  middle of keeping the fragile peace between dragons and  humans. Darcy discovers a treacherous plot against Elizabeth.  More shocking, the heart of the conspiracy beats in someone  very near and dear to her.

With war on the horizon, time is running out for Elizabeth and Darcy to save the dragons and any hope of a future together.

Meryton meets Pern in a fantastical regency romp bound to delight readers of Jane Austen and Anne McCaffrey alike.

Book 3 in the Jane Austen’s Dragons series.