Homecomings never live up to expectations.

After a visit to London filled with more fairy tale intrigues—kidnappings, dragon battles, secret societies—than any woman had right to experience, Dragon Sage, Lady Elizabeth Darcy, only wants to return to the serenity and safety of Pemberley estate.

Likewise, Sir Fitzwilliam Darcy, knight of the Pendragon Order, rejoices to lay down the Dragon Slayer and return to life as master of his estate and Keeper to Pemberley.

Their homecoming cannot happen soon enough.

The estate —and its substantial population of minor dragons— welcomes them home with open arms. But those open arms contain more than happy dragons.

Actually more a can of wyrms.

Wyrms that plague the estate and surrounding county. Wyrms that bring dragon-sized dilemmas endangering the Blue Order itself. Wyrm-ridden dilemmas that might be too big for even the Dragon Sage.