Hers was the plight of a gothic heroine, banished from her home by a cruel brother and his heartless wife, the Dragon Sage. Misunderstood and maligned, Georgiana’s only hope of rescue: letters to aunts describing the medieval dungeon to which she had been sent.

What matter that was a wee exaggeration for effect?

Boasting as many dragon teachers as human ones, Mrs. Fieldings’ School for the Improvement of Young Ladies promises to train Georgiana up to be a proper Blue Order member and a credit to her family. But she was already an accomplished young lady, and an appreciation for dragons was hardly a necessary accomplishment in the marriage mart. Clearly, she had nothing to learn. 

One way or another, Georgiana would make it through the school term with her dignity, and her opinions, intact.

When the new dragon students arrive, needing warm-blooded student partners to complete their educations, Georgiana endures the indignity of a dragon-partner for the promise it will hasten the end of her tenure with Mrs. Fieldings. But dragons always bring complications. Dangerous, dragon-sized ones that not even the Dragon Sage could have predicted. Complications that turn the school term into something truly gothic.